The Yamaha trio with Quartararo (left), Viñales and Valentino Rossi hugging him in the picture – in the last few weeks the two men in the foreground have been criticized far too often. But in the end they weren’t as bad as many try to portray their achievements.

The unbelievably nasty attacks on a top MotoGP rider

One of our readers recently sent us an excerpt from two articles about Maverick Viñales and enclosed the comments from the readers’ forum of a relevant “motorsport portal”. Even reading the stories written about the Spaniard, we hardly believed our eyes. We have no idea what the writer was drinking before he wrote the lines about one of currently the best riders in MotoGP or whether he was trying to compensate for private or professional problems. In any case, the current World Cup sixth was defamed by him in the most shameful manner. What additionally horrified us is how some readers in a forum ranted about the Monster Energy Yamaha with real hate speech. Sometimes such bad, personally defamatory terms were used that our hair stood on end.

Rubbish and dirt at the Assen Grand Prix wherever you look – on the right under the flag on the edge of the picture was a half-empty garbage can, but the majority of the “fans” didn’t seem to care. Only with such images can we explain why in some relevant forums, sometimes very questionable “motorsport portals”, often hair-raising verbal nonsense is spread. Perhaps the unsuccessfulness of their idol leads some misunderstood fans to the blind hatred of more successful pilots.

After the change of the crew chief he became even more of a target

It remains absolutely incomprehensible to us why Maverick has come under fire, from various scribes to supposed “fans”. The Catalan is currently demonstrably the only driver who, alongside Fabio Quartararo, crossed the finish line in all races. Apart from the French and Jack Miller, he is also the only one who has already won a Grand Prix. Because the results did not meet his expectations and those of the team, Viñales and those around him decided to make a change. Instead of Esteban Garcia, the Monster Energy Yamaha rider is now trying Silvano Galbusera, the former crew chief of his friend Valentino Rossi. This is actually a completely normal process in Grand Prix sport and there is nothing disreputable about it. Nevertheless, the World Cup sixth seems to have become even more of a target.

Johann Zarco (Pramac Ducati) Except for us, hardly anyone had it on their radar before the start of the season, see also our preview last winter. The fast man from Cannes was sometimes terribly under fire in the tabloids after he voluntarily left KTM. His critics went as far as alleged burn-out syndrome when it came to their reprehensible allegations, including allegedly even KTM boss Pierer. But the year after, he already proved all the lies and is currently the best Ducati rider.

What many know-it-alls often fail to understand
How stupid such simply mindless attacks are often is overlooked not only by journalists but also by readers who jump into them, because they are obviously only pursuing the goal of defaming a single driver. The highlight of the story, however, is that in the case of Maverick a pilot is denigrated and unsportingly attacked, who is definitely way ahead of their idols in the World Cup. There can be no Quartararo fan among them who needs to gossip about his teammates. Because they are simply happy about his lead in the intermediate ranking, just like the supporters of the drivers ahead of Maverick in the World Cup.

Petrux on the Tech 3 KTM – when he initially struggled after joining Tech 3 from Ducati, Danilo Petrucci was criticized often enough. However, many forgot that the likeable northern Italian, in contrast to normal years, only had a third of the usual test time before the start of the season and this in Losail, of all places, with unique conditions that are nowhere else in the rest of the season. Often, hasty criticism can also be seen as a lack of expertise on the part of the critic.

The reverse conclusion should be obvious to everyone
With stupid attacks on the Spaniard and the pitiful attempt to stamp him as a failure, however, everything behind him is turned into even worse rivets! That alone shows the limited horizon of far too many “motorsport hooligans”. The reverse of his completely senseless actions should actually be obvious to everyone, provided he only uses his head for a few seconds to think. The sad fact is that Jason Dupasquier, a young talent, has just passed away, and questionable elements don’t even shrink from their evil doings against this background. Sport and athleticism are really just one word and many may hardly be able to spell it or see the meaning behind it.

Marc Marquez on all fours after his first severe crash since his return to Jerez de la Frontera in front of his completely destroyed Repsol Honda. The fans of the former world-class driver are currently going through tough times and many feels reminded of Jorge Lorenzo’s last season in 2019, when he was reminded of Jorge Lorenzo’s last season in 2019, when there was almost only talk and written about injuries, but hardly any results. It is difficult to say whether some of his misunderstood fans are Maverick critics. Based on the presumed potential for frustration of some anonymous characters who comment inappropriately, the presumption is at least quite close.

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