The start of the second WorldSSP 600 race of the season with the front in yellow instead of blue as previously the Swiss Aegerter, who, due to his first name Dominique, is the dominant one of the first third of the season.

Aegerter makes the double ahead of Öttl – Krummi with the first podium in 2021

The race was not a lap old when three drivers, Galang Hendra Pratama, Raffaele de Rosa and Federico Caricasulo, were already lying in the gravel. The latter, however, was innocent of his fall because he was cleared away by the Italian compatriot in his crash. After the start, Philipp Öttl took the lead, followed by Aegerter, Odendaal, Cluzel and Krummenacher, followed by Gonzalez, Bernardi and Öncü. After three laps, the South African crossed the finish line second behind the German and Aegerter was also attacked by the French, but was then able to sit down in front of Cluzel again.

Steven Odendaal (Bardahl Evan Bros Yamaha) ahead of Manuel Gonzalez (Yamaha ParkinGo Team) and in the back of the picture with the 21 Krummi on the EAB Yamaha – the World Cup runner-up should clearly miss the podium this time after finishing 2nd on Saturday.

The crash of Odendaal costs him the podium
Almost 14 minutes after the start, Steven Odendaal said goodbye to the top trio with a fall in Turn 5. The Bardahl Evan Bros Yamaha rider then continued and just barely made it into the points, but of course it wasn’t enough for a podium. In the end it was another demonstration for the “Domi-Fighter”, who gave Öttl no chance, who at least got the second podium of the weekend and thus further important points in the championship. The “Krummenator” made it into the top three for the first time this season, but Randy is still very far from his goal of another world championship, although he improved from P9 to seventh place. Below is the result of the second Assen race.

The first interviews after the 2nd race
Domi Aegerter thanked his team for the excellent bike and was happy to compete and win in front of the Dutch fans. Because his team comes from there, it is of course a special experience. The conditions were very different on Saturday and Superpole. His compatriot Randy Krummenacher was taciturn and simply thanked everyone who supported him. It feels great to be back on the podium. Philipp Öttl spoke of an intense and difficult race. Towards the end he had vibrations from uneven tires, and still it was an excellent weekend for his team and himself. Aegerter is currently in a league of his own, but he will try to be closer to the top in the future.

With Philipp Öttl on the left a German on the podium and next to him two Swiss who speak a similar but much more bumpy language as the Puccetti Kawasaki pilot.

Stand in the WorldSSP World Championship after round 4

1. Aegerter 169
2 Odendaal 125
3. Öttl 108
4. Bernardi 97
5. Cluzel 91
6. Gonzalez 84
7. Krummenacher 62
8. Soomer 47
9. De Rosa 46
10. Öncü 43
11. Alcoba 40
12. Caricasulo 39
13. Bergman 34
14. Tuuli 28
15.Takala 19

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