Pedro Acosta (Solunion GASGAS Aspar Team) on the KTM, renamed GasGas – he was supposed to be the only Spaniard to win his home race that day.

Second win of the season for Garcia – Acosta only in P7

After the tragic weekend in Mugello, everyone had hoped for a worthy continuation in Montmeló. But unfortunately, as in Moto2 and MotoGP at the Italian GP, it was again the FIM stewards who were again supposed to cause a lot of unnecessary trouble and confusion. The first glitch happened even before the start, when even the subscribers of the MotoGP streaming offer were fooled around. Shortly before 11 a.m., instead of the start preparations for the smallest class, an old clip was shown and a fade-in that the start was at 11:05 a.m. In truth, it was over 20 minutes when the junior class started the race. In the penultimate row with the World Championship leader.

John McPhee (Petronas Sprinta Racing Honda) was only there for nine laps – the Scot had a chance of a first podium after P4 in the rain at Le Mans, but instead it was the 5th crash in the seventh race, in which he was by no means to blame for all of his crashes, in Catalonia however, yes.

Pedro Accosta’s race to catch up
The only 16-year-old Spaniard took with 6 laps a little longer than we assumed in our live blog shortly before, until he was in the points with P13. One deal later he was already in the top ten. From first place on lap thirteen it went back to position 7 immediately afterwards, and it was exactly this position that he finished in the end. In what has long been a very turbulent race, as in Moto3, there were a few turmoil four places before the finish line. As is so often the case, the FIM stewards and their recently introduced “dirty limits”, as one of our readers recently called them in a letter, were to blame for this.

Darryn Binder (Petronas Sprinta Racing) was fifth in the end after, like his teammate McPhee, he had done the most lead laps with 4 times each.

Nonsense in installments – the newly introduced rules confuse drivers, teams and fans
Because he hit the green (what a color choice for a forbidden area of ​​the track) marking with his tires, the third-placed Jaume Masia was penalized and placed back on P4. Just before Johann Zarco, Oliveira and Mir did exactly the same in the MotoGP race in Mugello, but the two were not punished at the time and the Frenchman stayed in fourth place. It is exactly as described recently by HRC test driver Stefan Bradl. No matter what the rules are, the FIM stewards take care of them a bit and interpret them in a way that suits them and not as fairness would dictate. The newly introduced rules clearly confuse drivers, teams and fans. But as many in the paddock think, they are above all a tried and tested means for the race management to make themselves important at every opportunity that presents itself. However, these arrogant gentlemen do not care that they harm the sport and its attractiveness.

Jaume Masia (Red Bull Ajo KTM) before the start – the young Spaniard was one of the many sufferers of the completely nonsensical track limits introduced this year, which cause a lot of confusion and anger in the paddock and among the fans. Such unexpected setbacks are not easy to deal with for such a young athlete, as he crossed the finish line with the certainty that he had fought hard for third place.

The result of the seventh Moto3 race of the season in Montmeló

World Championship status in all 3 classes after round 7 at a glance

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