Toprak Razgatlioglu (Pata Yamaha with BRIXX) going astray – in the second race in Misano the Turk was filmed in his offence by the defending champion’s Kawasaki ZX-10RR Ninja at the beginning of the second run. In contrast to WorldSSP pilot Steven Odendaal, Toprak was neither warned nor punished for this. In this way, the FIM stewards had often applied the new regulations with the so-called track limits in MotoGP (see the example of Mugello 2021 with Joan Mir and KTM ace Miguel Oliveira), which caused a lot of confusion (© WorldSBK).

Some thoughts on the 2021 annual statements

At first glance, it was an exciting season with many surprises, which the fans of MotoGP and WorldSBK were able to experience. Because FIM and Dorna had learned nothing from the first year of the pandemic, it began with many unplanned changes in the second. In the Grand Prix Sport, even the completely absurd January test in Sepang (Malaysia) fell through completely. While we had already complained about this in December 2020, the majority of all sports websites still claimed, until shortly before the cancellation, that these days were very important for the riders and teams. For the rookies this was a clear disadvantage and a man eagerly awaited by many fans did not appear even in Losail afterwards. Instead of Marc Marquez, HRC test driver Stefan Bradl drove the Repsol Honda again, and the Bavarian did a good job. Under the circumstances, Honda’s newcomer Pol Espargaró did too, but many scribes in particular refused to admit this. At the latest, in the second race in Misano, the Catalan sun boy proved all the lies and took a sensationally strong second place for HRC.

Johann Zarco (Pramac Ducati) ahead of Pol Espargaró (Repsol Honda) and HRC Test and substitute rider Stefan Bradl – the fast man from Cannes often overshadowed his former Red Bull KTM team-mate with the number 44. Nonetheless, the Catalan was an important support for Honda, especially because Marc Marquez was frequently unable to match his dominance of the previous years, just as the Frenchman regularly pulled the coals out of the fire for Ducati in 2021 (© MotoGP).

Quartararo – a worthy new MotoGP world champion

While Marc Marquez’s return was nowhere near what the Spaniard had promised his fans before the forced break, which was far too long, 2021 was the French season. Right from the start, Johann Zarco and Fabio Quartararo were at the forefront. On the alleged Ducati circuit of Losail, the Monster Energy Yamaha riders won with Maverick Viñales and the man from Nice. With Repsol Honda’s ace Marquez’s well-noticed comeback, Quartararo rode up and away from the rest of the field in Portugal. With his victory, he took over the championship lead from Ducati Hope Johann Zarco. Despite much praise from the advance, Jack Miller, who initially stumbled, had a strong phase in the Ducati factory team, but then mistakes came again. Actually, as we expected before the start of the season, the Australian ultimately lacked consistency over the course of the season. His team-mate Francesco “Pecco” Bagnaia did a much better job of this, but in order to compete in the title fight until the very end, the fast Italian also lacked the necessary reliability. It was Marc Marquez, of all people, who drove the local hero into ruin in the second Misano race when he was able to put him under constant pressure. In the end, the triumph for Quartararo and Monster Energy Yamaha was absolutely deserved and with just one retirement, Fabio is a more than worthy new world champion.

Fabio Quartararo (Monster Energy Yamaha) and his compatriot Johann Zarco (Pramac Ducati) at the home race in Le Mans – the two southern French were two of the most formative and successful figures in MotoGP in the second Corona season. As world champion and fifth in the World Cup, you gained a lot of fame for your country and, thanks to your exemplary demeanour and behaviour, above all, sympathy (© MotoGP).

Jonathan Rea with Kawasaki as a role model for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes

While the Northern Irishman and his team endured the loss of the seventh World Cup title in a row with dignity, Formula 1 saw a completely different picture. Despite the fact that the Greens were fooled by the FIM a few days before the start of the season, they tried to give their best race after race together with Rea. While BMW was granted a significantly higher maximum speed for the new M 1000RR compared to the previous model, as expected, the new Kawasaki ZX-10RR Ninja was formally castrated by the highest motorsport authority. No neutral observer could understand this wrong sporting decision, but no complaints were heard from Kawasaki. The Japanese, like their two top riders, are a model of sportiness, and they will fight like lions to recapture the world championship next year. On the other hand, Hamilton and Mercedes shamefully damaged their public image with their unsporting behaviour after the defeat. After all, with Max Verstappen and his team Red Bull Honda, a team won the title that it really deserves. After the debacle of Red Bull KTM in the second year of the pandemic in MotoGP, this was a consolation of very high value for one of the biggest sponsors of motorsport in recent decades.

Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki ZX-10RR Ninja) with a stoppie after one of his many victories in the 2021 season. The best Superbike rider of all time and already six-time champion crowned his difficult season with a double victory in Indonesia. He and his team will do everything we can to recapture the title next year (© Kawasaki Racing Team).

The problem of the first WorldSBK title for Turkey

Unfortunately, Toprak Razgatlioglu could not compete in his home country on his Yamaha R1 this season either. But at least he gave the lie to many critics who did not believe him to have a constant season. Nevertheless, for many, his first world title for Yamaha is a dark shadow. In view of the young deaths in the junior series of MotoGP and WorldSBK, his driving style, often described as very inconsiderate by competitors such as Scott Redding and six-time world champion Johnny Rea, is considered highly problematic. Not entirely by chance, Deniz Öncü in Texas received an exemplary high penalty from the FIM for his risky driving maneuver. The young Turk naturally sees Toprak as a great role model, and that is why he emulates the Yamaha ace and copies its rude attacks regardless of losses. At least until the US GP, and hopefully the fast young man will turn his head on a little earlier in the future and thus prevent further dramas, as there were too many to complain about in 2021. At Razgatlioglu, the future will show whether he will find his senses, in any case no one has doubts his speed for a long time.

Scott Redding ( Ducati) in pursuit of 6-time world champion Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) and ahead of Tom Sykes (BMW) – the Englishman is one of the bitterest critics of Toprak’s rude driving style. Next season, he will compete for BMW, while not only the Sykes fans tremble about the future of Redding’s predecessor in the blue-and-white factory team. Without the man with the number 66 from Huddersfield, WorldSBK would lose one of its most distinctive faces, and it is hoped that he will still find a place in 2022 (© WorldSBK).

The year 2022 – quo vadis?

Since the introduction of the track limits, it has been clear to us that in the future we will forego such comprehensive reporting as in the past two years. If some drivers are penalized during or after the race, while the FIM stewards let others get away with their “wrongdoing”, the sport stops with us. Not only does this seem to us as if it was intentionally trying to manipulate the list of results from world championships. The “castration” of the new Kawasaki ZX-10RR Ninja, in particular, supports such theses. Thus, a few days before the start of the season, the Greens were robbed of all the knowledge of their previous tests because they could not expect such a drastic reduction in speed. The best driver of all time took more risks than ever, and we know the rest of the story. He crashed far too often, and now it’s up to Jonathan Rea to come back strong and achieve with his team what Joan Mir will try on the Suzuki in MotoGP.

Alex Lowes (Kawasaki ZX-10RR Ninja) Photographed by us in Phillip Island in 2020 – the Lincoln man will be one of the main favourites for the podium next season, provided he can heal his damaged shoulder and won’t fall too often.

The future is clear to us – with many reviews of the history of racing
We have at least already decided to take current events into account only with sporadic articles. We particularly focus on looking back at historical events. After a creative break, there will be articles on pilots such as Ewald Kluge on our site. From a time when motorcycle racing was still a sport and helping colleagues in the paddock was still a matter of course for competitors. Like Jack Miller lending one of his best tires to Pol Espargaró today, if Pol Espargaró had already worn out his set of usable rubbers. Completely unthinkable? Correct, but not back then, and we should never forget the circumstances under which the athletes and their fans lived back then.

One of the books about William David “Bill” Ivy (died on July 12, 1969, in an accident at the Sachsenring) – the 21-time world champion was one of the most popular pilots of his time, far beyond the borders of Great Britain. For more about the fast racing dwarf from the island, see our page in the History chapter.

On the subject of Covid – democracies are not capable of pandemics

Let us hereby also publish a few thoughts on the subject of Covid. A problem that would not actually be a problem if everyone acted responsibly. Certainly, some of our opinion on the topic will offend one or the other reader. But it is meant honestly, and we also wish that this annoying topic, in addition to our everyday life, will not overshadow sport for too long.

Lies about lies – which is why politicians are more untrustworthy than almost never before
Anyone who voluntarily had themselves vaccinated in the past few months probably couldn’t believe their eyes when reading various articles on the subject of Covid. Regardless of their motives, an infinite number of people have to feel taken aback by now. Originally, there was talk of a good year or even more with regard to the protective effect of vaccinations. Lately there have been numerous idiots, regardless of their provenance (whether they are alleged experts or politicians), who speak publicly of a few months after which a re-vaccination would be required. But it is currently not at all clear which vaccine we are talking about. Above all, there is currently still a sufficient number of examinations regarding, for example, the Omikron variant for trustworthy assessments. In this context, we also remember the statement made by the former Austrian Chancellor Kurz, known as “Shorty”. In the spring, this involuntary prankster was seriously claiming that his country would have survived the Covid pandemic in May. But in the meantime, his compatriots have at least survived him, but unfortunately the number of deaths continued to rise sharply.

Our picture of one of the few open refreshment stands at the Autodromo do Algarve near the coastal city of Portimão in September 2019. A year later, races took place here with almost no spectators, even if a few privileged people somehow got access.

Which is definitely clear
Unfortunately, it is now clear that numbers on the pandemic have been falsified far too often. In addition to the lies about the supposed effectiveness of the vaccines (above all, they do not help against an infection, as falsely even claimed by the Swiss authorities), it is now at least clear that statements by supposed experts and politicians cannot be trusted in principle. At least today, it is clear that the rapid spread is not possible without drastically restricting the freedom to travel and closing schools. One should not forget that the Delta variant had its origin in India, which dominated the pandemic before the omicron mutant. As soon as the majority of voters were vaccinated, the “unvaccinated” were identified as scapegoats. This is strange because there are millions and millions of children and adults who are not allowed to be vaccinated for medical reasons. Countless politicians have at least shown that they do not care about the minority of their voters. Their primary concern is power and their re-election, while the well-being of the population is secondary. A sign of poverty for practically all democracies in the world, even dictatorships could hardly be better off.

Big laughter at the MotoGP 2020 press conference in Misano – when Andrea Dovizioso, sitting in the center of the picture, caused amusement with the slogan “I love going to the PK”. The northern Italian has never made a secret of the fact that he regards journalists as an annoying evil, and please let us see it (© MotoGP).

The press world – not a bit better than politicians
The duplicity of print and internet media can best be recognized by the fact that on the one hand they pretend to be affected by the pandemic and on the other hand they publish information about travel options for holiday destinations. Often enough, one even gets the impression that most of their journalists are paid directly by the governments for the uncritical dissemination of their pandemic nonsense. There is hardly a journalist who denounces the many lies that politicians and authorities have already exposed. On the contrary, in the style of Nazi Germany and the GDR at the time, many were involved in denigrating minorities and spreading untruthful untruths.

Singapur at night in spring 2003 with a can of “Sarsi” on the table – at that time the Sars pandemic caused uncertainty, especially in Asia. Seven years later we were in the country at a similar time, on our way to and from the WorldSBK season opener in Phillip Island, Australia. It was to remain the last “normal” event to this day, because shortly thereafter, with Covid-19, a follow-up version of Sars was supposed to change the world.

Vaccination status versus infection numbers – a small example
At the beginning of November 2021, the city-state of Singapore had a vaccination rate of almost 92 percent for its 10 million inhabitants. Nevertheless, the so-called 7-day incidence was around 250, how can this be? Almost all politicians and even experts had promised that with a sufficiently high vaccination rate, the pandemic would be under control. But the example of the small Asian country and Portugal with a similarly high rate prove that this was a mistake. One can confidently speak of a lie, just one of many. In principle, a functioning economy is far more important in our world than a few hundred thousand dead. Such is the sad reality. Many journalists only recently publicly claimed that Denmark had overcome the pandemic. These idiots go unpunished, as do all politicians who are responsible for the well-being and health of millions of their compatriots. Unfortunately, far too many have failed, and now they are trying to blame “the unvaccinated”. This is not only embarrassing, it is utterly reprehensible and simply abhorrent. Careless vaccinated people are just as responsible for the spread of the pandemic as the black sheep of today’s society. With this in mind, cheers for the New Year and stay healthy, dear readers!

Marc Marquez and his completely destroyed Repsol Honda RC213V in the FP3 of Jerez de la Frontera in the gravel – the dominator of MotoGP from 2013 to 2019 had imagined his comeback to be much different. Nevertheless, the fast Catalan provided many bright spots and ended up seventh in the World Cup (© MotoGP).

Two things to think about at the end of a difficult season

EU: The so-called e-car connection in buildings is to become mandatory in the future, but the resources for it will run out in about 12 years.
Terrible restrictions from Covid? A few generations ago people grew up in ruins and with next to nothing. From 1939 to the beginning of the 1950s, there were almost no vacation trips for anyone!

Jason Dupasquier in the Prüstel GP Box at the Grand Prix of Qatar – the young Swiss man was one of the most hopeful talents in his country and a tragic accident ended not only his career but also his life. We are devoting our thoughts to him and the many other victims of racing these days. He was very happy and only at the beginning of a promising GP season that came to an abrupt end in Mugello with his death (© MotoGP).