The 200th Moto2 race in history with an Australian winner

Simone Corsi only got as far as the Omega entry, until he finished his race in turn 2 shortly after the start. The next one was Aldequer and a little later his team-mate and rookie Raul Fernandez, who was on P2 behind Gardner. The two had already pulled out a lead of around 5 seconds on their pursuers when the Australian was the sole leader, while the race was over for the young Spaniard. Later, Augusto Fernandez was the third Iberian, while Dixon had to dodge into the gravel and lost a lot of ground. With eighteen laps to go, Joe Roberts was 10th behind Schrötter and Lowes, while Gardner was more than 5 seconds ahead. Behind Canet, Bezzecchi, “Di Gia”, Vierge, Navarro and Ogura on P7.

Das Ende für den Sachsenring GP von Raul Fernandez mit im Vordergrund seiner Red Bull Ajo Kalex im Kiesbett – der spanische Rookie verlor damit den Anschluss auf seinen Teamkollegen und WM-Leader im Zwischenklassement, worauf ihm dazu auch Marco Bezzecchi bedrohlich näher rücken konnte.

The second half and the tumultuous final
Behind Lüthi, Manzi and Dalla Porta, Jake Dixon was on P25 due to his no fault of his own foray into the gravel pit and was thus the last place among the drivers still in the race. A little later, the Englishman was able to pass the Italian in front of him, who rolled out shortly afterwards with technical problems. A little later, Dixon had the Thai Chantra in front of him, which had previously got into the gravel through his own fault. A little later, Lüthi also made a detour through the gravel and at the top Gardner’s lead over his pursuers was almost 7 seconds with 9 laps to go. In turn 1, Roberts and Vierge fell in the last deal, and a little later Ogura also fell. Furthermore, little changed in the second race of the day and subsequently the ranking of the eighth Moto2 race of the season.

P, No, Rider, Km/h, Time/Gap 1st/Prev.
1, 87, Remy GARDNER, Kalex, 155.5, 39’39.191
2, 44, Aron CANET, Boscoscuro, 155.1, 6.158
3, 72, Marco BEZZECCHI, Kalex, 155.0, 7.030
4, 21, Fabio DI GIANNANTONIO, Kalex, 154.9, 8.145
5, 22, Sam LOWES, Kalex, 154.8, 9.888
6, 23, Marcel SCHROTTER, Kalex, 154.8, 10.000
7, 9, Jorge NAVARRO, Boscoscuro, 154.4, 16.039
8, 75, Albert ARENAS, Boscoscuro, 154.2, 19.394
9, 42, Marcos RAMIREZ, Kalex, 154.1, 21.718
10, 6, Cameron BEAUBIER, Kalex, 153.8, 26.393
11, 11, Nicolò BULEGA, Kalex, 153.8, 26.732
12, 2, Alonso LOPEZ, Kalex, 153.7, 26.835
13, 64, Bo BENDSNEYDER, Kalex, 153.7, 28.034
14, 70, Barry BALTUS, NTS, 153.6, 28.984
15, 13, Celestino VIETTI, Kalex, 153.5, 31.414
16, 14, Tony ARBOLINO, Kalex, 153.3, 33.176
17, 55, Hafizh SYAHRIN, NTS, 153.3, 33.425
18, 35, Somkiat CHANTRA, Kalex, 152.9, 39.638
19, 12, Thomas LUTHI, Kalex, 152.9, 39.682
20, 62, Stefano MANZI, Kalex, 152.6, 44.613
21, 96, Jake DIXON, Kalex, 152.4, 47.416
Not Classified
79, Ai OGURA, Kalex, 154.9, 1 Lap
97, Xavi VIERGE, Kalex, 154.9, 1 Lap
16, Joe ROBERTS, Kalex, 154.2, 1 Lap
19, Lorenzo DALLA PORTA, Kalex, 147.3, 14 Laps
37, Augusto FERNANDEZ, Kalex, 154.4, 22 Laps
7, Lorenzo BALDASSARRI, MV Agusta, 152.6, 22 Laps
25, Raul FERNANDEZ, Kalex, 156.6, 24 Laps
54, Fermín ALDEGUER, Boscoscuro, 150.9, 25 Laps
Not Finished 1st Lap
24, Simone CORSI, MV Agusta, , 0 Lap

The first interviews
For Marco Bezzecchi, third place was like a victory in the end, after he had problems with the front in particular and was happy that he had made it through. Of course, Aron Canet was also very satisfied after his second place. The Spaniard said in a somewhat hoarse voice that it had been one of his most difficult races. Of course, he is now more than satisfied with his podium. This was especially true for Remy Gardner as the winner. He had started the race with a good feeling, but his team-mate was even a little faster than him in the warm-up. It was a very long race, as the Australian put on record, and very difficult never to make a mistake. He is all the more relieved about his victory in the 200th Moto2 race in history and third in a row after Mugello and Barcelona.

Marcel Schrötter (Liqui Moly Intact GP Kalex) in his box after the demanding home race for the Moto2 Grand Prix of Germany in Hohenstein-Ernstthal, which he finished in a good sixth place.

Intermediate World Championship result for Moto2 after round 8

P, Rider, Bike, Nat, Points
1, Remy GARDNER, Kalex, AUS, 164
2, Raul FERNANDEZ, Kalex, SPA, 128
3, Marco BEZZECCHI, Kalex, ITA, 117
4, Sam LOWES, Kalex, GBR, 86
5, Fabio DI GIANNANTONIO, Kalex, ITA, 73
6, Marcel SCHROTTER, Kalex, GER, 59
7, Aron CANET, Boscoscuro, SPA, 55
8, Joe ROBERTS, Kalex, USA, 50
9, Xavi VIERGE, Kalex, SPA, 42
10, Ai OGURA, Kalex, JPN, 39
11, Bo BENDSNEYDER, Kalex, NED, 38
12, Augusto FERNANDEZ, Kalex, SPA, 34
13, Jorge NAVARRO, Boscoscuro, SPA, 33
14, Tony ARBOLINO, Kalex, ITA, 30
15, Cameron BEAUBIER, Kalex, USA, 26
16, Albert ARENAS, Boscoscuro, SPA, 18
17, Stefano MANZI, Kalex, ITA, 17
18, Celestino VIETTI, Kalex, ITA, 16
19, Marcos RAMIREZ, Kalex, SPA, 16
20, Jake DIXON, Kalex, GBR, 11
21, Hector GARZO, Kalex, SPA, 11
22, Somkiat CHANTRA, Kalex, THA, 11
23, Nicolò BULEGA, Kalex, ITA, 10
24, Hafizh SYAHRIN, NTS, MAL, 8
25, Simone CORSI, MV Agusta, ITA, 7
26, Lorenzo DALLA PORTA, Kalex, ITA, 6
27, Alonso LOPEZ, Kalex, SPA, 4
28, Fermín ALDEGUER, Boscoscuro, SPA, 4
29, Lorenzo BALDASSARRI, MV Agusta, ITA, 3
30, Barry BALTUS, NTS, BEL, 2
31, Thomas LUTHI, Kalex, SWI, 2

Remy Gardner (Red Bull Ajo Kalex) is now comfortably ahead of the title course, but there are still a lot of races to drive and the son of the 500 cc world champion from 1987 has a long way to go before his first world championship.

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