Even in pouring rain, the likeable Chemnitz man remained calm before the start of a race. Fügner knew about his qualities and was the most successful driver for MZ in the first decade of racing for the Zschopau company.

The most complete story about the career of Horst Fügner

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The most important facts about Horst Fügner’s career

Born on March 11, 1923 in Chemnitz. Before World War II, he trained as a mechanical engineer at Wanderer in Chemnitz. During the war as a motorcyclist for the Wehrmacht, then 3 years as a prisoner of war. The most important data about his career in brief:
– 1950 first motorcycle race on October 1st, 1950 in Dessau on a self-built DKW RT 125, 2nd place.
– On May 20, 1951, start of the Leipzig City Park Race, failure in the race.
– After the race in Leipzig, engagement at IFA (later MZ) as an employee and works driver.
– With 15 finishings in Grand Prix races 12 times in the points.
– Vice world champion 1958 in the 250cc class on MZ.

– First GP winner for MZ, at the World Cup run in Sweden in the 250 cc class in 1958.
– Three additional Top Ten World Championship ranks within just 2 years (in 2 classes).
– Over 10 victories in national and international races. – First driver in the GDR with 3 championship titles (category 125cc).
– Last winner of the Feldberg race in Taunus in 1954 in the 125 class.
– Last Schottenring winner in the 125cc class, in 1955.
– Record winner with four 125cc successes on the Halle-Saale loop.
– Most successful MZ driver (first as IFA) in the first 10 years in racing.

Horst Fügner was one of the best and most successful drivers of the 1950s and a highly valued personality in racing at home and abroad.