Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki ZX-10RR) at the Aragon Test in spring 2021 on his new Ninja – just a few days before the start of the season, the preparations of the Greens were destroyed by an extremely reprehensible and, from the point of view of many fans, quite devious FIM.

Preview of the Indonesian WorldSBK season finale

As expected, the chaotic planning by FIM and Dorna for MotoGP and WSBK led to countless cancellations and postponements. Carrying out the last two laps in Argentina and Indonesia meant for many teams and riders not to participate due to the horrendous travel costs. The premiere on the new Mandalika Circuit on the island of Lombok is also under a double bad star. Tourists are still not allowed to enter the country and no visas will be issued upon arrival. Since October 14, 2021, a special regulation for tourists from 19 countries has only been in effect for Bali and Riau, but Germany, for example, is not one of them. Such planning understandably borders on idiocy for many paddock members and fans. However, Dorna in particular does not care and the people from the highest motor sport authority, FIM, are also known for the fact that no business trip can go far enough for them. You are also responsible for a completely different problem, see the following table with the maximum permitted speeds for all makes.

The reigning world champion and the “anti Kawasaki regulations”
After 5 titles in a row, despite the corona pandemic, the manufacturer and team of Jonathan Rea did everything to prepare a sensationally powerful weapon for their star to defend their title. But they did the maths without the FIM people. Only the BMW M-1000RR and the new Kawasaki ZX-10RR Ninja were completely redeveloped for the 2021 season. But despite all efforts, the Japanese make did not receive any increase compared to the old model in terms of the maximum permitted speed. Not only the reason for the unfair treatment by the FIM gentlemen, but also the timing of the announcement of the new regulations, stinks to heaven. The six-time record world champion and his team had to drastically reduce the maximum speed just a few days before the start of the season in Aragon after promising tests.

Toprak in Misano over the limit – filmed from the camera on the Kawasaki ZX-10RR Ninja by Jonathan Rea – unlike WorldSSP pilot Steven Odendaal, the Turk did not receive a penalty for the track limit violation from the FIM stewards. Much smelled like manipulation in the second Corona year, but you still have to acknowledge that Razgatlioglu had a sensationally strong season. Only a few had previously believed that the Yamaha ace would achieve such consistency.

The dramatic consequences of the “castration” of the initially best bike in the field
This resulted in a drastic disadvantage in terms of acceleration and top speed. In addition, the gear ratios from the first tests on various routes no longer matched. The consequences for the best Superbike rider in history were dramatic because he had to go too often over the limit to be able to stand up to his opponents. As a result, the initially best bike in the field ended up with its rider in the gravel bed far too frequently. Fighting with blunt weapons against a self-defying Toprak is too much to ask for Johnny Rea, and so it came, as it had to come. Before the season finale in Indonesia, the Kawasaki ace has his back to the wall, and only a miracle can save him in the hoped-for title defence. For the sport, it would have been much better if the two opponents had moved on an equal footing and fought with spikes of the same length. But it is too late for that now. Razgatlioglu will be the new world champion for Yamaha if he finishes each of the last three races on the podium, and normally nothing speaks against it.

Tom Sykes (BMW) photographed by us in an interview with WorldSBK spokesman Michael Hill in Imola 2019 – on the last WorldSBK weekend of 2021, his retirement from racing can be expected. After the joker from Huddersfield is no longer wanted at BMW for next season, hardly anyone seriously believes in a continuation of his career.

The new racetrack – Mandalika Circuit

In the coming year, MotoGP is also to take part on the only non-permanent course in the middle of a newly built holiday and hotel resort, which is mostly still under construction. The sparrows have long been whistling from the roofs that the event locations are chosen purely on the basis of material criteria. In other words, whoever can guarantee the Dorna the highest contributions will receive the approval. This is not fundamentally wrong, but against the background of the current pandemic in its second year, it is anything but harmless. The 4.31 kilometre long course with 11 right and 6 left turns is clockwise. With a length of only 507 meters, the start-finish straight after Magny-Cours is one of the shortest on the calendar.

At the top of the picture is the pit area with the start-finish straight.

Schedule for the season finale in Indonesia

The last round of WorldSBK is at most something for early risers among European fans. Since the starting position before the season finale promises little tension, very few will certainly do this to themselves. The thing may have already been over on Saturday afternoon, local time, if it’s still morning for us. Already 30 points ahead of Jonathan Rea, Toprak Razgatlioglu can only lose his first world title with a fall or retirement, so the simple calculation. So far, however, the Turk has hardly made a mistake, and he will earn his first world championship title of his career, at least according to the prognosis, regardless of whether from a layman or an expert. After a few years, no one will ask whether Yamaha owes its second Superbike World Championship title with Toprak, thanks in particular to the castration of Kawasaki. Probably the majority of the commentators will even be happy about it, provided that the new champion is no longer Jonathan Rea. Far too often in recent years, they have accused the man from Northern Ireland of taking all the tension out of the championship. This situation came to an end in the second Corona year.

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