Marc Marquez in the Repsol Honda Box on qualifying Saturday of the second GP weekend in Jerez de la Frontera. He finally made a clear statement about his condition and the latest progress in rehab, but many people get almost every word he says wrong (© MotoGP).

Return before the Portugal GP more than questionable

Marc Marquez has just been asked about his comeback plans on the Dorna portal. The title was already a bit euphoric because the headline suggested that it was about a return to the Losail circuit. Maybe it was something like a hidden intelligence test for fans and journalists. In any case, we are the kind of people who can listen carefully. If you turn on your brain, it quickly becomes clear: You should beware of premature optimism if you don’t want to look like a fool later. Of course, this does not prevent typical writers from thoroughly misunderstanding the Catalan with the statements he has just made. First headlines such as “his arm feels normal” confirm such verbal mistakes more than clearly.

Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda) – it was not the violent crash on the first Jerez weekend that was his main problem, but his far too optimistic attempt to try again only 4 days after the operation. Placing the blame on the doctors for how many did this, of course, is utter idiocy. Evidence to the contrary is provided by records of statements made by the chief surgeon, Dr. Me from Barcelona (© MotoGP).

Some facts against premature optimism

Should the Spaniard return on the first or second Losail weekend, he would accept a huge disadvantage in terms of testing. Marquez made it clear that he had further medical consultations ahead of him and that he would listen to their advice. Given its background, this is the crux of the matter. Probably no doctor would have found out about Dr. As the first treating physician with Marc, dare to go on the branches. Or does someone think his doctor in charge would say to him “Your Honda only has a little over 260 hp, just sit on it and just try it out“. Before Marquez gets on the Honda, he says he’ll try smaller bikes first. There was no talk of motocross with long jumps and the search for the limit.

Photographed by us in Losail before the start of the last MotoGP race – third from the left on grid position 3 Marc Marquez on the Repsol Honda, who was then narrowly beaten by Ducati ace Andrea Dovizioso. Anyone who can put one and one together is not expecting the Honda rider to start in Losail this season.

There is a wide gap between wishful thinking and reality
Ambiguous statements by Marc Marquez about his condition and the opinion of the MotoGP comeback lead many listeners to jump to conclusions. Because Losail is completely unfavorable for his return to the track with several days behind in training, the question of the next option arises in the first place. In principle, this would be the Autodromo do Algarve with the Grand Prix of Portugal at the earliest. But that’s exactly where the multiple MotoGP world champion would encounter the next problem. In contrast to all his competitors, he has never driven such a fast machine there, if at all (as the route is new to the GP calendar).

Photographed during our visit to the WorldSBK tests – the Autodromo do Algarve, a track on the MotoGP calendar for the first time since 2020, on which Marquez has definitely never raced with the MotoGP Honda.

The earliest meaningful race – on the Circuito de Jerez

Actually the earliest conceivable route for the Marquez comeback is only the route in Andalusia, if you look at it sensibly. Even though it was here that his career had its worst slump, it is a circuit that he knows very well and on which he has already won three times. In Losail, on the other hand, the Honda Star has only triumphed once so far. From a medical and logistical point of view, this is probably the earliest conceivable time. The only handicap is of course that the 6-time MotoGP world champion also has bad chances in the world championship fight. But that is exactly what he knows anyway. You have to consider that the Spaniard has never been on a motorcycle for almost nine months. He hardly lost his most important reflexes, but moving a bike at the limit takes time to get used to.

The notorious Turn 3 of Jerez, which meant the end of his career for Mick Doohan after a violent crash. On July 19, 2020, this position also became a fateful place for Marquez. Our picture is from the Sighting Lap of the WorldSSP 600, when “Krummi” in the picture was struggling with arm-pumping problems.

The champion’s assessment of his performance
According to his own statement, Marquez does not expect to climb up and immediately drive away from all opponents again. It remains to be seen if he can do this, which was also clear to him in Jerez last year before the race. At least that’s how he spoke into the microphones before the 2020 season began. Only he didn’t stick to it at the time. Precisely because this attitude of his is known to almost every child in Spain, no doctor will advise him to make an early comeback, we are ready to bet on that.

The provisional calendar of the second edition is still a provisional one. Many events are being put to the test due to the number of spectators and travel problems due to the corona pandemic, which has not yet been over.