As always, many onlookers at the start of Moto3 also from the premier class on site with Miller talking to Maverick on the left and Valentino Rossi and Joe Roberts on the right, as well as Niccolo Bulega and Marco Bezzecchi, as attentive spectators shortly before the start of the race.

Moto3 Misano-Race: Dennis Foggia as the winner ahead of Masia and Rodrigo

For Adrian Fernandez and wildcard driver Alberto Surra, the Italian GP only lasted until the first corner, when they hit the ground. Then Deniz Öncü crashed on Turn 7, which was followed by Max Kofler, Andrea Migno and Carlos Tatay into the gravel. As usual in the junior class, this was followed by a race with numerous changes at the top. Dennis Foggia (Leopard Racing Honda) and Romano Fenati (Sterilgarda Max Racing Team KTM-Husky) were the two most noticeable local riders who fought over the lead with a number of other riders. The group comprised a total of 15 drivers and World Championship leader Pedro Acosta was right in the middle of it. In the end, Romano Fenati, who was in P2 behind Foggia at the beginning of the last lap, didn’t even make it onto the podium.

As usual in Moto3, every inch was fought for, while the race was over for a quarter of the drivers after the first lap.

Dark shadow over the Moto3 race in Mugello

The tragedy of Mugello in Q2 of Moto3 on Saturday leaves no one indifferent. After drivers like Jacques Cornu (multiple 250 cm³ winner), Tom Lüthi and Dominique Aegerter, Jason Dupasquier finally appeared again in the 2020 season, a fresh talent from the tiny country in the heart of Europe, who actually doesn’t want to belong and in which even circuit racing have been banned since the 1950s. The starting position 11, which the Franco-Swiss secured himself before his terrible accident, will remain empty. At the moment one can only hope that at some point the redeeming news will come and that everything will not be as bad as it currently has to be feared. However, the diagnosis of multiple trauma after his admission to the Florence hospital suggests nothing good.

Jason Dupasquier (with the number 50) at the Autodromo do Algarve – after his fall in the Arrabiata of Mugello, the young Swiss man was hit in the head by the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki with the front wheel of his bike.

Result of the 6th race of the season

P, No, Rider, Km/h, Time/Gap
1, 7, Dennis FOGGIA, 158.8, 39’37.497
2, 5, Jaume MASIA, 158.8, +0.036
3, 2, Gabriel RODRIGO, 158.8, +0.145
4, 71, Ayumu SASAKI, 158.8, +0.240
5, 40, Darryn BINDER, 158.8, +0.499
6, 55, Romano FENATI, 158.7, +0.711
7, 17, John MCPHEE, 158.7, +0.918
8, 37, Pedro ACOSTA, 158.7, +0.745
9, 11, Sergio GARCIA, 158.7, +0.861
10, 24, Tatsuki SUZUKI, 158.7, +0.963
11, 12, Filip SALAC, 158.7, 1.080
12, 27, Kaito TOBA, 158.7, 1.351
13, 23, Niccolò ANTONELLI, 158.7, 1.429
14, 82, Stefano NEPA, 158.7, 4.472
15, 52, Jeremy ALCOBA, 158.0, 12.491
16, 43, Xavier ARTIGAS, 157.2, 23.493
17, 28, Izan GUEVARA, 157.2, 23.499
18, 54, Riccardo ROSSI, 157.2, 23.609
19, 20, Lorenzo FELLON, 157.2, 23.774
20, 22, Elia BARTOLINI, 156.2, 39.959
21, 19, Andi Farid IZDIHAR, 156.2, 40.023
22, 32, Takuma MATSUYAMA, 156.2, 40.035
Not Finished 1st Lap
53, Deniz ÖNCÜ, , 0 Lap
16, Andrea MIGNO, , 0 Lap
67, Alberto SURRA, , 0 Lap
31, Adrian FERNANDEZ, , 0 Lap
99, Carlos TATAY, , 0 Lap
73, Maximilian KOFLER, , 0 Lap
2, Alonso LOPEZ, 142.6, 23 Laps
37, Augusto FERNANDEZ, 143.7, 24 Laps

World Championship stand in Moto3 – Jason Dupasquier passed away on Sunday morning

1, Pedro ACOSTA, KTM, SPA, 111
2, Jaume MASIA, KTM, SPA, 59
3, Ayumu SASAKI, KTM, JPN, 57
4, Sergio GARCIA, GASGAS, SPA, 56
5, Romano FENATI, Husqvarna, ITA, 56
6, Darryn BINDER, Honda, RSA, 47
7, Andrea MIGNO, Honda, ITA, 47
8, Niccolò ANTONELLI, KTM, ITA, 47
9, Dennis FOGGIA, Honda, ITA, 45
10, Gabriel RODRIGO, Honda, ARG, 41
11, Filip SALAC, Honda, CZE, 35
12, Jason DUPASQUIER, KTM, SWI, 27
14, Ryusei YAMANAKA, KTM, JPN, 26
15, John MCPHEE, Honda, GBR, 22
16, Kaito TOBA, KTM, JPN, 22
17, Jeremy ALCOBA, Honda, SPA, 19
18, Tatsuki SUZUKI, Honda, JPN, 18
19, Riccardo ROSSI, KTM, ITA, 16
20, Xavier ARTIGAS, Honda, SPA, 16
21, Carlos TATAY, KTM, SPA, 14
22, Adrian FERNANDEZ, Husqvarna, SPA, 10
23, Deniz ÖNCÜ, KTM, TUR, 8
24, Stefano NEPA, KTM, ITA, 8
25, Yuki KUNII, Honda, JPN, 3
26, Maximilian KOFLER, KTM, AUT, 3
27, Andi Farid IZDIHAR, Honda, INA, 1

Jason Dupasquier in the CarXpert PruestelGP box – the Swiss fell in the dangerous Arrabiata double corner of Mugello. At this point, after an accident on May 16, 1976, the famous Italian Otello Buscherini lost his life on the same day, just a few hours after his compatriot Paolo Tordi, who had an accident on the Biondetti curve on the same day. Now the young Franco-Swiss also lost his life after his terrible accident in Tuscany.

Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello

The grandstand and route map of the Autodromo Internazionale di Mugello with the start-finish in the centre of the picture and the only covered grandstand in green, which is why sunscreen is definitely recommended if you want to sit there for hours. Otherwise, burns are inevitable.

World Championship stand in all classes after the 6th round at Mugello

Mugello Grand Prix and WorldSBK Estoril schedule

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