Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda) in front of Maverick Viñales (Monster Energy Yamaha) – The fans would love to see this duel again in 2021. Hopefully we were wrong with our opinion and the multiple world champion will even return before Jerez (© MotoGP).

Quirky and less original – 1 week before the MotoGP season starts

Giacomo Agostini is the most successful rider in the motorcycle world championship. This is a fact, and just as indisputable is the fact that some of his titles were due to the superiority of his MV Agusta. In addition, in his prime he often had at most 3 or 4 serious opponents. But if you have won 15 titles, you don’t have to worry about it. “Ago nazionale” will remain forever unforgettable, and we would be the last ones who wanted to scratch the image of the idol of the 1960s. Nevertheless, as an exception, we allow ourselves whether he is still completely at ease without really meaning it. Ask each reader to decide for themselves what they think of what Agostini said publicly.

Giacomo Agostini – one of the best and most popular drivers of all time and record world champion. Recently he surprised everyone with a statement that we would never have expected from a man like him. But maybe he didn’t mean it seriously – at least we hope.

Ago’s suggestion: Marc Marquez should drive and be last!

There is apparently evidence that the 15-time record world champion placed this proposal. In an open discussion with the Italian media, Agostini demanded that Marquez should definitely go with him in Losail. But before that he had to give an assurance that he wanted to be last. Hi! Did the MV Agusta icon really mean this? A thoroughbred racer should seriously stick to the Olympic motto. Just take a ride, but even lose it on purpose, is that really possible? Apart from the fact that someone like Marc could not possibly succeed in this, even if he seriously took it on. Like all of his colleagues, he is racing like a wild animal on two wheels, so there is no pardon and of course no hesitation.

Moto2 Starting line-up photographed by us on March 10, 2019, in Losail – here the first two rows with Marcel Schrötter in the front left in pole position. Two years later, the German will again be among the favorites for a podium when the 2021 season starts with the first middle class GP at 17:20 CET.

Unsightly memories – awakened by the old master of all things
We remind you that according to the 2015 regulations, he should have been taken out of the race with a black flag in the Sepang MotoGP GP. Each of the millions of viewers on TV could see that he was not driving for himself and to win. Instead of going for victory, he deliberately stopped Valentino Rossi several times trying to catch Lorenzo. The rest of the story is known, Valentino defended himself in his own way, and only he was punished afterwards. Otherwise, he might have won his 10th title, he was well on the way to it. If you don’t drive for victory, you definitely don’t belong in a race, but in a so-called reliability drive. Such events were very popular across Europe in Giacomo’s youth. Out of respect for Ago and his achievements, please understand his suggestion as a joke!

From the report of the international 6-day trip from 1956, the Russian bronze medal winner Irina Osolina (left) in the picture and the two unusual Nina Susowa and Nadeschda Sharapova. It was about toughness and perseverance and even then there were women who drove successfully.

Less fun – the next Losail breakdown

One of the MotoGP side stories before the start of the season is the next breakdown after the sandstorm on test day 5 of MotoGP. Many of the team members who had previously arrived for the Moto2 and Moto3 tests from March 19 were stuck in quarantine after their arrival in their hotels. Sometimes it took a full 2 days until their PCR tests were evaluated, a veritable scandal in the desert state of Qatar. But nobody pays as well as the Qataris without a spectator. Therefore, the Dorna will certainly find a way to praise herself and the Arabs again at the next opportunity. However, the stuck found this less fun and some of them hadn’t been able to prepare their bikes in time for the first session afterwards.

Turn 2 at Losail – this is where the most frequent falls occurred in the MotoGP tests. It is the next left bend after almost half a lap since Turn 15, which is why the left flank of the tire threatens to cool down before that. Because of this and because the asphalt is not completely flat, there were several crashes at this point.

The “sensational” return of Andrea Dovizioso

We reported that the Italian will make a test comeback for Aprilia, see below: Regardless of the form of the headlines, there is little sensational about it. But we are also happy that the “old Dovi” will have two days of testing on the Aprilia, which is lightning-fast in Qatar. In addition, of course, with the company from Noale, to have done a stroke of luck for further development and thus created a win-win situation. The clever Dovizioso is remembered and can show how strong he still is. Mid-April is in time to keep talking to the various team bosses. Should Aleix Espargaró’s team-mate Savadori also disappoint, which is currently to be feared, Andrea could still play in 2021 during the season. This also applies in the event that a driver is seriously injured and is absent for a long time.

Andrea Dovizioso 2020 in the Ducati Box – the man from Forlimpopoli (yes, the place in Italy really does exist, and it is not that far from Misano). That he has more than an Iker Lecuona or Petrux, for example, as a three-time vice world champion, is therefore considered to be proven (© MotoGP).