Start of the first race on Sunday in Estoril – with the start-finish winner Scott Redding ( Ducati) in the lead, followed by Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki Racing Team), who then got problems in Turn 1 and lost a position.

Live-Blog from WorldSBK Sunday in Estoril

The Superpole Race on Sunday morning has at least one undisputed advantage for the drivers. Because it only lasts over 10 laps, tire poker is not necessary in dry conditions and there is almost only one correct mix. The tire developed by the standard tire supplier Pirelli especially for sprint races should last at least around 60 to 70 kilometres. But some drivers are also using it more and more often in races, especially the lighter ones. Ironically at 19 degrees Celsius on the Circuito do Estoril, Scott Redding also made it over the full distance despite his fighting weight of around 80 kg. The Englishman drove a flawless race and was able to leave Toprak and the world championship leader behind him by the finish line. Below are the results of the first two races on Sunday of WorldSBK and Supersport 600.

In our minds on the number 50 of Moto3 – in the hospital of Florence

The tragedy of Mugello in Q2 of Moto3 leaves no one with a heart indifferent. After drivers like Jacques Cornu (multiple 250 cm³ winner), Tom Lüthi and Dominique Aegerter, Jason Dupasquier finally appeared again last year, a fresh talent from the tiny country in the heart of Europe who actually doesn’t want to belong and in which even circuit racing has been since were banned in the 1950s. At the moment, however, we don’t have to worry about his sporting future for the young man with Eugene Laverty’s starting number, but about his health, if not his life. We like to admit that we were paralysed for a while and then not really writing any more. At the moment one can only hope that at some point the redeeming news will come and that everything will not be as bad as it currently has to be feared.

Jason Dupasquierin the CarXpert PruestelGP Box – the Swiss fell in the dangerous Arrabiata double corner of Mugello. At this point, after an accident on May 16, 1976, the famous Italian Otello Buscherini lost his life on the same day, just a few hours after his compatriot Paolo Tordi, who had an accident on the Biondetti curve on the same day. Now everyone is worried about the life and health of the young Franco-Swiss.

The WorldSBK Superpole Race

The drivers are on the starting grid and shortly the warm-up lap will start, the safety car is already driving off. Rea only arrives in third at Turn 1, but then takes the lead, but is then replaced by Redding at the top. At the end of the first lap, Toprak passed both leaders and then Rea also attacked Redding, who was lying in front of him, but stayed behind and behind him were Gerloff, Rinaldi, Sykes, Lowes, Laverty, Rabat and “Loca”. Toprak is still leading after 2 laps in front of Redding, Rea and Gerloff just behind the Kawasaki ace. 7 more laps in the sprint race and everything is still very close, Nozane has just passed Davies and is on P11. Redding just went far and Rea and Gerloff passed the Englishman.
Fastest lap by Johnny Rea
The Northern Irish is on Toprak’s neck, followed by Gerloff, Redding, Rinaldi and Lowes. The latter is getting closer and closer to the Italian. Rea has just slowed the Turk before Turn 1 and is taking the lead. Toprak had a wobble when braking and he is now coming under pressure from Gerloff, while Rea drove out a few meters and there are still 4 laps to go. Lowes is getting closer and closer to Rinaldi and before the two the first four are also close together. With 3 laps to go, the world championship leader is still in the lead ahead of Toprak and Redding, who passed Gerloff earlier. Rea has a slight lead over Toprak and the other pursuers as it goes into the penultimate lap. for 9th place and thus the last point behind Laverty is a battle between Davies, Locatelli, Bautista and Rabat.
The last lap
Rea is safe at the top and can only beat himself. But he makes no mistake and wins his first race in Estoril ahead of Toprak, Redding, Gerloff, Rinaldi, Lowes, Sykes, Laverty and Davies. As was communicated before the start, Rea even drove with the SC0 tires and not the softer SCX specially developed by Pirelli for the Superpole. Below is the ranking list and Rea has increased his lead in the World Cup to 13 points again. In italics, the drivers who did not get any championship points in the sprint race, which counts for the starting grid in the 2nd race on Sunday.

P, No, Rider, Bike, Time(,Gap), km/h
1, 1, REA Jonathan, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, LEAD, LEAD, 320
2, 54, RAZGATLIOGLU Toprak, Yamaha YZF R1, 0.690, +0.690, 319
3, 45, REDDING Scott, Ducati Panigale V4 R, 1.180, +0.490, 325
4, 31, GERLOFF Garrett, Yamaha YZF R1, 2.059, +0.879, 320
5, 21, RINALDI Michael Ruben, Ducati Panigale V4 R, 3.583, 1.524, 325
6, 22, LOWES Alex, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, 3.623, +0.040, 324
7, 66, SYKES Tom, BMW M 1000 RR, 7.062, 3.439, 319
8, 50, LAVERTY Eugene, BMW M 1000 RR, 7.831, +0.769, 322
9, 7, DAVIES Chaz, Ducati Panigale V4 R, 8.969, 1.138, 328
10, 19, BAUTISTA Alvaro, Honda CBR1000 RR-R, 9.581, +0.612, 328
11, 55, LOCATELLI Andrea, Yamaha YZF R1, 10.013, +0.432, 317
12, 53, RABAT Tito, Ducati Panigale V4 R, 10.850, +0.837, 323
13, 60, VAN DER MARK Michael, BMW M 1000 RR, 11.419, +0.569, 320
14, 47, BASSANI Axel, Ducati Panigale V4 R, 15.703, 4.284, 320
15, 3, NOZANE Kohta, Yamaha YZF R1, 16.678, +0.975, 319
16, 91, HASLAM Leon, Honda CBR1000 RR-R, 16.810, +0.132, 321
17, 32, VINALES Isaac, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, 20.194, 3.384, 313
18, 94, FOLGER Jonas, BMW M 1000 RR, 22.250, 2.056, 319
19, 84, CRESSON Loris, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, 39.192, 16.942, 313
20, 23, PONSSON Christophe, Yamaha YZF R1, > 1′, 22.054, 313
RT, 76, CAVALIERI Samuele, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, , , 309
RT, 44, MAHIAS Lucas, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, , , 310

The first interviews after the race
Redding looked a bit confused because Rea was so fast on the normal racing tire. He noted that apparently Kawasaki has found an extra grip that makes them almost unbeatable. However, so said the man who won the day before. Toprak admitted that the world championship leader was very strong this time and that it just wasn’t enough for him because he also dropped his SCX tire towards the end. The winner was relaxed in the interview. Of course, it is unbelievable that he finally won his first race in Estoril. This is very important for the second race. But it is particularly important to him to emphasize that his thoughts are with Jason Dupasquier and his family at the moment. In view of this, he couldn’t be particularly happy at the moment, even though he would of course thank his team for what a great bike they had made available to him.

World championship after the SP-Racee
1 REA 85
4 LOWES 49
7 SYKES 28
12 HASLAM 12
14 MAHIAS 10

Jason Dupasquier passed away on Sunday morning
A few minutes ago it was published what was to be feared due to his injuries. The only 19-year-old Swiss, as one of the greatest hopes of the small country and its motorsport, succumbed to serious head, chest and stomach injuries. Even an emergency operation at night could no longer save his life.

The WorldSSP 600 race

While in Mugello Sam Lowes crashed shortly before in the Moto2 race, in Estoril the middle class is on the warm-up lap. After the start, it is Odendaal who turns into turn 1 before Öttl, but he and Caricasulo pass the South African immediately afterwards. After the first lap, Öttl leads ahead of Odendaal, Caricasulo, De Rosa, Cluzel, Öncü and Aegerter. Krummenacher is only on P13 behind Tuuli, Gonzalez and Alcoba. Can Öncü’s fact that his brother Deniz crashed in the morning in the Moto3 GP of Italy seems to incite Can Öncü and the young Turk has shown a strong race so far on P6. The first rider to fall is Taccini, the young rookie from Italy on lap 3. De Rosa passed his compatriot before Turn 1 when there were still 15 laps to go. Jules Cluzel and the Domi-Fighter lurk behind Caricasulo, followed by Öncü, Bernardi, Soomer and Gonzalez.
After 4 of 18 rounds
Aegerter passed Cluzel after the start and is now on P5 in front of the French and Öncü. The leader is still Öttl, just ahead of Odendaal and De Rosa, while Caricasulo and Aegerter have a gap of almost 1.5 seconds ahead of them. Meanwhile, Niki Tuuli is only on P11 ahead of “Krummi”, which means that two of the most popular favourites before the start of the season have trouble getting into the top ten at all. At the front nothing has changed at the top, but Dominique Aegerter will soon be in the lead group of three, while Caricasulo and Cluzel are still some way behind.
Half-time of the WSSP race
Domi is now on the front three, with Öttl having a few meters ahead when it comes to the last 8 laps. The first 4 are close together and Aegerter failed with an attack on De Rosa in Turn 1 when there was a complete change in the front one lap later and he at least got past Odendaal while De Rosa grabbed Öttl in the lead. Odendaal tried to fight his way back to P3, but goes far and meanwhile Caricasulo, Cluzel and Öncu are almost up to the leaders.
The last third of the race
Now Öttl is in front again and De Rosa, Aegerter and Odendaal just behind, but the pursuers are only a little more than half a second behind those in front of them. With four laps to go, Aegerter is in the lead, the Swiss is now ahead of De Rosa, Odendaal and Öttl. Behind Bernardi in front of Cluzel and Gonzalez. Caricasulo has dropped back to P7. Two laps before the end, Odendaal, the winner of the first race on Saturday, is leading briefly, but is immediately caught by Aegerter. De Rosa is out of the race and Öttl is in P3. Aegerter wins a dramatic final ahead of Bernardi and Öttl, in which Odendaal also lost his chances with a mistake! Due to the failures of De Rosa and Odendaal, Tuuli and Krummenacher made it into the top ten in the end, albeit not on their own.

P, No, Rider, Bike, Time(,Gap), km/h
1, 77, AEGERTER Dominique, Yamaha YZF R6, , , 261
2, 29, BERNARDI Luca, Yamaha YZF R6, 0.375, 0.375, 266
3, 5, OETTL Philipp, Kawasaki ZX-6R, 1.039, 0.664, 264
4, 81, GONZALEZ Manuel, Yamaha YZF R6, 1.175, 0.136, 261
5, 38, SOOMER Hannes, Yamaha YZF R6, 2.327, 1.152, 262
6, 94, CARICASULO Federico, Yamaha YZF R6, 3.034, 0.707, 266
7, 61, ONCU Can Alexander, Kawasaki ZX-6R, 5.168, 2.134, 265
8, 66, TUULI Niki, MV Agusta F3 675, 11.206, 6.038, 258
9, 21, KRUMMENACHER Randy, Yamaha YZF R6, 11.224, 0.018, 258
10, 70, ALCOBA Marc, Yamaha YZF R6, 13.135, 1.911, 258
11, 71, BERGMAN Christoffer, Yamaha YZF R6, 14.557, 1.422, 259
12, 16, CLUZEL Jules, Yamaha YZF R6, 14.856, 0.299, 262
13, 95, TAKALA Vertti, Yamaha YZF R6, 23.223, 8.367, 258
14, 34, MANFREDI Kevin, Yamaha YZF R6, 23.240, 0.017, 267
15, 42, FROSSARD Stephane, Yamaha YZF R6, 25.171, 1.931, 264
16, 22, FULIGNI Federico, Yamaha YZF R6, 25.353, 0.182, 257
17, 23, PIZZOLI Davide, Yamaha YZF R6, 28.302, 2.949, 267
18, 2, MONTELLA Luigi, Yamaha YZF R6, 28.772, 0.470, 258
19, 55, HENDRA PRATAMA Galang, Yamaha YZF R6, 32.761, 3.989, 260
20, 6, HERRERA Maria, Yamaha YZF R6, 37.885, 5.124, 263
21, 15, MCMANUS Eugene James, Yamaha YZF R6, > 1′, 28.344, 252
22, 45, KAWASAKI Shogo, Kawasaki ZX-6R, > 1′, 0.091, 260
23, 19, SZKOPEK Pawel, Yamaha YZF R6, > 1′, 4.733, 260
24, 4, ODENDAAL Steven, Yamaha YZF R6, , , 257
OT, 3, DE ROSA Raffaele, Kawasaki ZX-6R, , , 250
OT, 84, FABRIZIO Michel, Kawasaki ZX-6R, , , 265
OT, 24, TACCINI Leonardo, Kawasaki ZX-6R, , , 251

The first Interviews after the second of three races
Öttl spoke of a tough race in which many drivers had made mistakes and of course he was happy to have made it onto the podium in the end. This can be built on for the rest of the season. Luca Bernardi was of course overjoyed after second place, and he thanked his team and otherwise kept his comment very briefly, it was his first podium in the WSSP, and he has to digest everything first. Dupasquier’s accident may also have put a mental damper on him. Winner Domi Aegerter also mentions this first, because he emphasized that he had lost a friend with it. Unfortunately, this is part of the sport and after that life just has to go on and of course he thanked his Ten Kate team for the excellent bike with which he achieved his first victory in the WSSP.

The second race of WorldSBK

It looked like Toprak had made a false start when Redding turned into the first corner ahead of Rea and Rinaldi and shortly afterwards Rinaldi almost knocked the Kawasaki driver off the track. The world championship leader is only on P6 behind the two Ducatis, Toprak, Gerloff and Laverty, when Gerloff caught Rinaldi in the rear and both fell. Rea is now behind Laverty in 4th position, which he overtakes shortly afterwards and hunts for those in front of him. Everyone is wondering whether Toprak, who is on P2, will still receive a penalty for his suspected false start. Now this has just been indicated, the Turk receives a double long lap penalty. As the records show, however, Redding had also shrugged, which could lead to discussions afterwards. After the first of two long laps, Razgatlioglu falls back to P4 behind Rea and Davies, while Laverty is only seventh behind Locatelli and ahead of van der Mark.
Toprak continues to lose ground with a second penalty
While Folger retired with a technical problem, as can be assumed, the Turk fell back to position 6 after the second penalty-detour. Redding leads a good second in front of Rea, behind Davies, Lowes and a wildly driving Razgatliioglu in front of Locatelli. Toprak is now leader of the chasing group ahead of Lowes, “Loca” and van der Mark. Rea has already got a little closer to Redding, the world championship leader is said to be on a somewhat harder tire compound.
At half-time – Rea is getting closer – Redding crashes after bad bug
When there are still 10 laps to go, Rea is practically in the slipstream of the leader and Davies has a respectful gap of about one and a half seconds between the two leaders. Toprak is more than 5 seconds behind and will probably not be able to make it onto the podium on his own, while Davies still has a chance of victory. Meanwhile, Rea follows Redding like a shadow and is apparently waiting for the current leader to make a mistake. Redding tries to fight back after Rea passed him, and he falls and gets back on, but is only on P16 behind Mahias. Now, with 6 laps to go, the only question left is whether Rea will be satisfied with P2 too, provided that Davies will soon be the leader on the Kawasaki.
The final 5 laps of the last race of the day
Rea is still ahead of Davies and the lead is just over a second. Toprak is in P3 ahead of Lowes, Locatelli, van der Mark, Bautista, Sykes and Laverty. Rabat is tenth ahead of Bassani, Haslam and Nozane. Davies was able to narrow his deficit slightly, but it is still almost a second on the championship leader, who, as so often, is driving an absolutely smart and sensationally strong race. With two laps to go, the championship leader is still around a second ahead and Davies doesn’t seem to have a chance to fight for victory. At least in the event that the leader no longer makes a mistake.
Rea wins the second race of the day
Redding has just overtaken Mahias and has reached P14, for which there are two points if he sees the checkered flag. Rea has just crossed them and Davies is second ahead of Toprak. Whether Redding also had a false start is now of secondary importance after his fatal mistake. Together with Rinaldi and Gerloff, Ducati Hope is one of the big losers of the day and Toprak is now the first pursuer of the World Championship leader in the intermediate ranking.

P, No, Rider, Bike, Time(,Gap), km/h
1, 1, REA Jonathan, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, , , 323
2, 7, DAVIES Chaz, Ducati Panigale V4 R, 2.787, 2.787, 325
3, 54, RAZGATLIOGLU Toprak, Yamaha YZF R1, 9.484, 6.697, 319
4, 22, LOWES Alex, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, 12.401, 2.917, 320
5, 55, LOCATELLI Andrea, Yamaha YZF R1, 14.011, 1.610, 320
6, 60, VAN DER MARK Michael, BMW M 1000 RR, 15.189, 1.178, 319
7, 19, BAUTISTA Alvaro, Honda CBR1000 RR-R, 15.899, +0.710, 327
8, 66, SYKES Tom, BMW M 1000 RR, 21.628, 5.729, 320
9, 50, LAVERTY Eugene, BMW M 1000 RR, 23.257, 1.629, 323
10, 53, RABAT Tito, Ducati Panigale V4 R, 25.344, 2.087, 322
11, 47, BASSANI Axel, Ducati Panigale V4 R, 26.525, 1.181, 322
12, 91, HASLAM Leon, Honda CBR1000 RR-R, 28.227, 1.702, 323
13, 3, NOZANE Kohta, Yamaha YZF R1, 29.878, 1.651, 316
14, 45, REDDING Scott, Ducati Panigale V4 R, 38.162, 8.284, 322
15, 44, MAHIAS Lucas, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, 38.911, +0.749, 314
16, 32, VINALES Isaac, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, 39.128, +0.217, 317
17, 23, PONSSON Christophe, Yamaha YZF R1, > 1′, 24.855, 314
18, 84, CRESSON Loris, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, > 1′, 3.475, 311
RT, 76, CAVALIERI Samuele, Kawasaki ZX-10RR, , , 304
RT, 94, FOLGER Jonas, BMW M 1000 RR, , , 320
RT, 21, RINALDI Michael Ruben, Ducati Panigale V4 R, , , 312
RT, 31, GERLOFF Garrett, Yamaha YZF R1, , , 323

The first interviews after the race
Toprak Razgatlioglu “I’m very surprised, but I’ve now managed to get another podium. I’m not happy with that, but we scored more points for the championship.” Of course, Chaz Davies was also very satisfied with second place, but he emphasized that the results of the tragic death of the Swiss in Tuscany were unfortunately only of secondary importance that day. His thoughts were above all with Jason Dupasquier’s family. The reigning world champion and overall winner from Estoril was of course more than satisfied with his success after difficult races last year. He can’t believe his result because even on Friday he wouldn’t have believed that he could be so successful this weekend. Motorsport could be something wonderful, as this day showed, but of course the tragedy in Italy preoccupies him a lot and his thoughts are with the relatives and fans of the 19-year-old who died on Sunday in Florence.

World Championship after Estoril round

P, Rider, Points
1 REA 110
4 LOWES 62
8 SYKES 36
12 HASLAM 16
14 RABAT 13
16 NOZANE 11

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Circuito do Estoril

The Circuito do Estoril offers a similar layout to the Autodromo do Algarve near Portimão, but much less up and down. Curves 1, the very narrow 9 and target curve 13 are particularly tricky here.

The combined schedule of Mugello MotoGP and WorldSBK Estoril

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