Motoracers Zippy in Cadiz 2019, the Jerez Grand Pix Weekend – our best photographer in Action.

Dear Visitors,
This website was founded at the beginning of 2019 to provide independent reports on motorcycle racing, from fans and bikers to fans and racetrack visitors. We report from the point of view of the visitor and will be present at almost all European races. The idea for this page came when in 2018 we drove over 20’000 km all over Europe (mostly with our KTM, Kawasaki and Yamaha). The 2019 season topped all of this by worlds and at the beginning of 2020 it went to Australia itself.

RacerBear – hiking in the Austrian mountains.

Our strength
In addition to the fact that, unlike most other portals, we report neutrally, our strength lies in our decades of knowledge of MotoGP and WorldSBK. In particular, our archive does not need to shy away from any comparison. Therefore, we have received some reports that go far beyond what is often found in Wiki in terms of scope and content. In addition, we unfortunately very often find out how much is simply wrong there and in relevant portals. That is precisely why we endeavor to check all information very carefully before they are published. See as an example in our history the history of drivers from the former GDR such as Horst Fügner, “Petrus” or Erhart Krumpholz.

Tennis – an earlier passion gave way to motorsport more and more over the years.

Reporting objectively
As a diligent reader of various magazines and web portals we missed again and again the perspective of the visitor and fans. Of course, most of the reporters and photographers are absolute professionals, but apparently seldom “real bikers”. Therefore, they usually have little or no idea of how the visitor and fan experience the races on the spot. If journalists arrive by plane and by rental car, not even or rarely motorcycling, that is a big difference to most fans on the track. From the press office or even from the luxurious hospitality (for example Ducati, KTM) you have a good look. However, what happens to the visitors at the track and on the way out, both functionaries as well as almost all journalists apparently completely off. Otherwise, we can not explain various reports on racetracks and what supposedly everything for the fans there would be (for example, Brno, where the leaders themselves boast for the press also comments and uncritically passes on / imprinted).

With RacerBear in cessna 182 over the Hoover Dam.

To report from a different (Spectators) perspective
Even if Buriram is chosen by the IRTA (Team Association with its President Poncharal) as the best route in the calendar for 2018, our hat is circling. As great as the track is for SBK events, for MBK races there are only tent sites available for the fan if you want to visit the race. Just to clarify: We are absolutely not against Buriram as a venue, but with just 3 four-star hotels and in the middle of “the Thai Pampas” (let’s say in the middle of nowhere), just over an hour’s flight from Bangkok – what’s that for ?! Anyone who has ever experienced the congestion to the route of Sepang Circuit will understand what’s wrong there. You have no chance to get to the track without huge traffic yam,walking is impossible – unfortunately there are no walking tracks.

MotoRacers Zippy 2007 – MotoGP Trip Costa Brava.

Spectators experience
Racing in Asia makes absolutely sense for sure and of course great for the growing number of fans there, but there is a lot of catching up to do compared to many circuits in Europe. As we heard from a direct source, Michael van der Mark, for example, rented a car from Bangkok to Buriram in March 2018. At any rate, the description of this 5-6-hour odyssey does not suggest imitation. Anyway, we visited many new racetracks last year and can hold on, the offer in Europe is great and offers something for every taste! Since 2005 countless Moto-GP races have been visited and meanwhile also many SBK events.

Our snapshot: Imola spectators, May-2019 close to “Curva Tosa” as a result of the price doubling compared to 2018.

Reporting on the trips and offering travel tips
All of this was an incentive for us to open a website and in future to report in particular from the perspective of the visitor. With tips on access to the route, catering and much more, of course, experience reports. Should one or the other fan decide to travel to a new route based on the tips and reports on, in which case our efforts have already been worthwhile! Have fun reading and please feel free and do not hesitate to submit your own reports, complaints, feedback and whatever to:

Jonathan Rea’s helmet visor – personally presented to MotoRacers Zippy by the champion in Imola after his victory in May 2019.
launched early 2019 in German, since 15-Jan-2020 in English as well.

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