Johann Zarco (Esponsorama Ducati) ahead of Joan Mir (Suzuki Ecstar) and Alex Marquez (Repsol Honda) – three of the riders who gave a lot to talk about last year and the one in the middle few had the new world champions on the list (© MotoGP).

About team presentations and other supposed sensations

Some journalists are not to be envied, like some viewers think when looking at their headlines. But in times of Corona, it is better to deal with your pity in a more measured way. Countless people are dying and an incalculable number of people have lost their jobs or are about to do so. It is normal for news-sellers to write countless articles about how the cloths and recently repainted 2020 bikes are looking. But they should not, as some people often try to make every little thing, no matter how insignificant, a sensation. In the “sour cucumber time” and now without the prospect of the engines roaring in Sepang, somehow understandable. But all too often it is also very embarrassing.

Valentino Rossi photographed by us in Sepang in 2007. The presentation of his team should have taken place here, which would have been obvious given the tests originally planned there. But against the background of the pandemic, MotoGP test drives in Malaysia were utter nonsense. As we already clarified and reported by us at the beginning of January, the long-awaited cancellation came at the end (almost at the last minute).

Much appearance and mostly little inside – there is often a lack of content
Whether concerning MotoGP or WorldSBK, far too often the content of articles does not come close to what the headline promised. We avoid this on our part by dealing with many historical aspects and looking back at the not-too-distant past as well. See our look backs and other periodic articles. As for the presentation of the teams, you hear and read the same thing every year. Everyone wants to improve and like to move forward or stay at the top. In contrast to the years before, the standard tires are exactly the same and the same applies to the bikes. Due to the pandemic situation, it’s completely understandable, the further development was as good as frozen. Therefore, if you want to see the presentations of the teams with their drivers, here is the appropriate link:

Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda) after his insane attempt to control a nearly 300 hp MotoGP rocket just 4 days after an operation on the broken upper arm. His second mistake by Jerez, committed at his own risk, had dire consequences. Today the fans are not interested in which colors, but if and when he will compete again (© MotoGP).

Alex Lowes – fortunately still in one piece!

If the Englishman fell in the middle of the season, and you wrote your own article about it every time, many would soon reach their limits. We are talking about Alex, the WorldSBK rider who is known as a gravel bed expert together with his twin brother Sam. The fact is, the Englishman just now again fell (one of countless times) while training on a flat-track bike, resulting in an injury to his collarbone. There are drivers who entered the race with such an injury and drove it to the end. His Brother Sam also drove his last race of the last year at the Autodromo do Algarve with broken bones in his hand. They are definitely tough guys. So as long as Alex is in one piece, he’ll be sitting on the Kawasaki ZX-10RR in a month’s time, our promise on the subject. Our only reservation is that you can really drive in Portugal.

Alex Lowes (in front of the picture) with teammate and world champion Johnny Rea in a tandem wheelie on the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. After the season opener in Australia, which we visited on site, the (since 2020) Kawasaki driver was briefly world championship leader (© WorldSBK).

The MotoGP & WSBK calendar wobbles – nothing new either

Many viewers find it almost ridiculous when some journalists have awakened from their hibernation and question certain events in the provisorial calendar now. We remember when a calendar was published by FIM and Dorna in the middle of the 2nd Corona crisis. When it was published on November 5, 2020, this was already absolutely unrealistic. However, due to existing contracts with the organizers, they had no other choice at the time. But it was just stupid who seriously believed in implementation at that point, due to pandemic development. Argentina and Austin were already, but as to expect “missing” in the 2nd edition on January 22nd. Now they try the prelude in Losail, where FC Bayern player Thomas Müller in Qatar was just tested positive for the coronavirus. Truly no good omens! If you also read that many vaccines only work to a limited extent or at least after 3 or even 12 weeks, certainly not.

The combined calendar of MotoGP and WorldSBK – with still way too many questionable dates, especially overseas. The pandemic is currently dictating what will be possible. The overlap MotoGP and WSBK in red letters.

Why it turned out so bad and why we have to worry about the sport
Because politicians from practically every country failed “in Globo”, we are in a much deeper mess than it would otherwise have been. Basically, their weak decision-making is based on an easily transparent effect, namely democracy. This explains why political leaders like Ms. Merkel or “Shorty” (meaning Mr. Chancellor Kurz from Austria) warned of Covid-19 early on, but did not take the necessary steps consistently. It sounds perverse, but it is unfortunately true: They tried to balance between harming their voters and for their party and as a result failed to take their responsibility seriously. As long as schools remain open and vacation trips to all possible countries are allowed, there is little hope. In addition to countless other human lives, sport will also suffer damage that is not fully foreseeable.

As this picture from the Mugello Grand Prix 2019 shows: The weather was fantastic. But unfortunately too many people are unreasonable, and we saw so much rubbish around the track, as previously only in Assen. Unfortunately, too many behave completely selfish and inconsiderate in their behavior with regard to the pandemic as well.
Photographed by us at the beginning of July 2019: Donington Park winner Jonathan Rea is celebrated by the fans after he had just taken the World Cup lead. Those responsible do not expect a paddock show in the coming season, as we were able to find out. No wonder, because fans may again not be allowed to watch the races onsite, provided that the events can be carried out at all.

Hardly any news from the motorsport world – until at least March

The fact that there is hardly any real news from the motorsport world until March should be the least of the evils against the background described above. The desperate motorsport journalists can continue to report on trivialities as if it were the most important thing in the world. Hopefully at some point it will continue on the track and only then will it get really exciting. For our part, we are now as happy as little children when teams such as Kallio Racing confirm their nomination for 2021 at the last minute. After all, it was the Finnish team that made the 2018 world championship title possible for Sandro Cortese, for example. Of course, we are also happy about every new entry, whether in WorldSSP or WSBK. Hopefully things will start at least halfway as planned in both championships, there will be for sure tension in all classes.

Recently discovered while browsing through our huge archive, a program of the WorldSBK 2008 from the return to the Nürburgring. On the right of the picture Joan Lascorz, who later tragically had an accident in Imola and has since been confined to a wheelchair. On the left is a reference to a WorldSSP rider who was called a future talent at the time. His name: Jonathan Rea and, he more than made the predictions of 2008 come true.