Kaito Toba (CIP Green Power) ahead of Sergio Garcia (Gaviota Aspar Team) – only one of the two made it to the podium in the German Grand Prix. Both were on the road on KTM, but the one behind was marked as GasGas, but technically completely identical Bike.

Acosta wins ahead of Toba and Alcoba at the Sachsenring

Adrian Fernandez on the Husky-KTM was the first rider to end his race with a fall on Turn 1. Darryn Binder was only allowed to start out of the pit lane a little later, and Yuki Kunii was next on the grass on turn 13. When there were still 22 laps to go, Pedro Acosta was in the lead for the first time. The Spanish rookie at the tender age of 16 only started from row 5, but for the world championship leader, something like this is usually not the slightest handicap. The top group comprised 18 drivers 20 laps before the end, almost all of whom were still eligible for victory at this point.

Start of the Moto3 Grand Prix at the Sachsenring – after a 2-year break, but this time completely without spectators, while in Munich a limited number was allowed at the World Cup. On the other hand, with tens of thousands of tickets sold in the last two years, countless buyers would still have been extremely disappointed if only a fraction had been allowed.

Masia with first long lap penalty
Built into Turn 1 and highly controversial, this detour threw the Spaniard back on P18 to the tail of the leading group. A little later, Gabriel Rodrigo fell on Turn 5 with a highsider. When there were still 15 laps to go, Öncü and Fellon crashed at the Omega entry. Fenati and Yamanaka were also involved, but they were able to avoid a crash. Two rounds later, 4 riders were lying on the ground, including Masia and Yamanaka. Before that, the Spaniard had touched the rear of Foggia at Turn 1. Fenati also got into the gravel bed afterwards, it was a fall of Nepa, who hit Yamanaka and also got in the way of the compatriot.

Xavier Artigas (Leopard Racing Honda) was in the top group until the checkered flag, but in the end the position was not what the Spaniard had hoped for during the race.

A dwindling top group of twelve before the final
Was left after that and Binder was far behind with P15 already in the last place in the points. In front of him, Fenati and Izdihar, whom he had entered and overtaken 5 laps before the end. In front of them, Guevara, McPhee and Bartolini had flown out of the leading group, which now only comprised nine drivers. With three laps to go, Foggia was ahead of Acosta, Garcia, Migno, Suzuki and Toba. Behind Antonelli, Artigas and Alcoba. The latter fought for victory a little later, but behind Acosta and Toba it was ultimately third in front of Foggia, Migno, Garcia and Suzuki. Below is the ranking of the eighth race of the season.

P, No, Rider, Km/h, Time/Gap 1st/Prev.
1, 37, Pedro ACOSTA, KTM, 150.0, 39’38.791
2, 27, Kaito TOBA, KTM, 149.9, 0.130
3, 7, Dennis FOGGIA, Honda, 149.9, 0.259
4, 52, Jeremy ALCOBA, Honda, 149.9, 0.206
5, 16, Andrea MIGNO, Honda, 149.9, 0.459
6, 23, Niccolò ANTONELLI, KTM, 149.9, 0.728
7, 11, Sergio GARCIA, GASGAS, 149.9, 0.537
8, 24, Tatsuki SUZUKI, Honda, 149.9, 0.647
9, 43, Xavier ARTIGAS, Honda, 149.9, 0.864
10, 28, Izan GUEVARA, GASGAS, 149.5, 6.557
11, 17, John MCPHEE, Honda, 149.5, 7.512
12, 22, Elia BARTOLINI, KTM, 149.5, 7.576
13, 55, Romano FENATI, Husqvarna, 148.6, 20.902
14, 40, Darryn BINDER, Honda, 147.6, 37.855
15, 19, Andi Farid IZDIHAR, Honda, 147.6, 38.297
16, 53, Deniz ÖNCÜ, KTM, 146.6, 54.714
17, 66, Joel KELSO, KTM, 146.4, 58.423
18, 6, Ryusei YAMANAKA, KTM, 144.7, 1’27.070
Not Classified
82, Stefano NEPA, KTM, 143.7, 12 Laps
5, Jaume MASIA, KTM, 150.1, 13 Laps
54, Riccardo ROSSI, KTM, 149.3, 13 Laps
20, Lorenzo FELLON, Honda, 150.0, 15 Laps
12, Filip SALAC, Honda, 149.1, 15 Laps
2, Gabriel RODRIGO, Honda, 150.2, 17 Laps
31, Adrian FERNANDEZ, Husqvarna, 129.4, 20 Laps
92, Yuki KUNII, Honda, 148.8, 24 Laps

Intermediate World Championship result for Moto3 after round 8

P, Rider, Bike, Nat, Points
1, Pedro ACOSTA, KTM, SPA, 145
2, Sergio GARCIA, GASGAS, SPA, 90
3, Jaume MASIA, KTM, SPA, 72
4, Niccolò ANTONELLI, KTM, ITA, 65
5, Romano FENATI, Husqvarna, ITA, 64
6, Dennis FOGGIA, Honda, ITA, 61
7, Darryn BINDER, Honda, RSA, 60
8, Andrea MIGNO, Honda, ITA, 58
9, Ayumu SASAKI, KTM, JPN, 57
10, Jeremy ALCOBA, Honda, SPA, 52
11, Gabriel RODRIGO, Honda, ARG, 51
12, Kaito TOBA, KTM, JPN, 49
13, Filip SALAC, Honda, CZE, 35
15, Ryusei YAMANAKA, KTM, JPN, 28
16, John MCPHEE, Honda, GBR, 27
17, Jason DUPASQUIER, KTM, SWI, 27
18, Tatsuki SUZUKI, Honda, JPN, 26
19, Deniz ÖNCÜ, KTM, TUR, 24
20, Xavier ARTIGAS, Honda, SPA, 23
21, Riccardo ROSSI, KTM, ITA, 16
22, Carlos TATAY, KTM, SPA, 14
23, Stefano NEPA, KTM, ITA, 14
24, Adrian FERNANDEZ, Husqvarna, SPA, 10
26, Yuki KUNII, Honda, JPN, 7
27, Maximilian KOFLER, KTM, AUT, 3
28, Andi Farid IZDIHAR, Honda, INA, 2
29, Daniel HOLGADO, KTM, SPA, 1

Pedro Acosta (Red Bull Ajo KTM) – With his victory, the world championship leader extended his lead in the intermediate ranking to over 50 points.

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